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Sponsoring children's education in Masaka, Uganda
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What is sponsorship?

The children at these schools are very poor, many cannot afford school fees, or uniforms, or even the books to write in. Please help us to help them by sponsoring one of the children on the next pages. By sponsoring a child through Love In Action you are paying for the education of a child in Uganda. This sponsorship covers school fees, uniform, school requirements and pays for a school lunch every day. All children have to provide their own exercise books, paper, pens, pencils, and a host of other requirements, even toilet paper!

Before you choose a child you need to know 3 things!

1. When you have chosen a child and sent in a form, within a few days you will receive a picture of your child with up to date information.
2. As the child will be dependant on your sponsorship we ask that you are faithful in your commitment, and regular in your payments. This is a serious commitment as each child appreciates his/her sponsor very much.
3. We will ensure that the money that you give will be delivered into the hands of people that we trust, and will be used for the benefit of the sponsored children.

We provide letters, photos, and school reports on our web site for you to look at and print out. For each child you sponsor approx. 10% goes towards Administration costs in Uganda the rest of all spent on Child Sponsorship. Currently the administration work in the UK occurs no costs and is covered by volunteers.

When you select one of the links below you will see pictures of children available for sponsorship, click on the link below each child to sponsor that child. The information has been collected by our Social Workers.

Please note: While you have a named sponsored child all sponsorship money (including Gift Aid) is pooled in order to provide education for children in Uganda,  this ensures that all the children in our care are provided for and benefit from your support.

Help run our schools

£5 per month

Choose a Primary Child

£15, $25 per month

Choose a Secondary School Pupil
£25 / $45 per month

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