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LIA Christian Secondary School, Kasaka.

Currently the whole of Bukakata sub-county where our Primary School is located has just one Secondary School.
The sub-county has approx 7,000 children under the age of 18 of whom approx 1600 are orphans. Currently only 11% of young people leaving primary school go on to secondary school, the average for the district is around 50%.
The school which opened on 4th Febuary 2013 with 2 classes Senior 1 & 2 (UK
equivalent Years 8 & 9, USA 7th & 8th Grade) of approx 45 pupils in each class. We will accept young people of any or no faith into the school, we will have a sponsorship / bursary scheme to allow any young person to attend school regardless of ability to pay. Please see our sponsorship page if you would like to help with this scheme.

At the time of writing in Febuary 2013 we have purchased the land for the school, planning the buildings and finished work on the first phase of building. We are looking for grants and donations to enable us to complete the buildings and equip the school. If you can help in either applying for grants or fundraising then please contact us.

The first phase comprises 2 classrooms, library, offices, staff room, 5 teachers living accommodation rooms, and male and female toilets. These are built now and are fully funded.

The next phases are:-

2 more classrooms: £6500 each (costs covered - under construction Oct 13)
Kitchen, cooker, canteen, & store: £15,000

Guard House & Fence for whole site: £10,000

Below you can see pictures of the site.

4th Feb 2013 - Opening Day! Here are our first 2 classes!

2 Classroom Block

2 Classroom Block

This block will contain 2 Classrooms.

Initially this will be for O Level Students S1 to S4 but will be converted to A Levels as the school grows.

Total Cost £13,000 ($20,000)

£ 10.00 Add
Book for the Library

Book for the Library

We have a library but few books!

£ 5.00 Add
Kasaka Secondary School

Kasaka Secondary School

The next phase at our Secondary School is to add 2 more classrooms, a kitchen & store.
The total cost is £25,000, your donation will be much appreciated.

£ 10.00 Add
Kitchen, Store & Canteen

Kitchen, Store & Canteen

Help us to provide a kitchen and store for the new Secondary School. The kitchen includes energy saving wood burning stoves.

Total Cost £15,000 ($24,000)

£ 30.00 Add
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